This program is designed to assist students and recent graduates to develop their knowledge and skills to gain employment in the Australian Job Market.You will learn the best way to make a lasting first impression, analyse and relate your unique value proposition and how to best convey your skills and experience to prospective employers.

You will receive guidance on making your resume stand out, including having a powerful and effective cover letter.

You will learn where to look for suitable roles including leveraging social media and networking skills, master the interview, understand social styles and how to flex your style to maximise your success.

Receive guidance on the post interview process and navigate the Do’s and Don’ts of applying for a job in Australia. Approved by leading HR experts, this program covers all aspects of successfully gaining employment in the Australian market.

A key focus is to keep this program to maximise your learning experience and to understand Australian workplace culture to enhance your career success. You will undertake a learning subject in Professional development program along with your Internship with the host company related to your area of study/Interest.

This course will give you a start in one the world’s fastest growing IT employment sectors, developing apps for Android Mobile Devices.

You will learn to use leading industry tools such as Eclipse IDE, Android Studio and Git, and the Java programming language. You will also study core topics such as object-oriented programming principles, software testing, security and project management.

These key skills are not just applicable to Android Mobile Apps, but to software development in general. The future opportunities are simply enormous. With the rise of app support in technology as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), it is expected these skills will transfer to such things as augmented reality (AR), smart washing machines and cars, sensors and much more!

You’ll learn to:

  • Develop apps from conception to deployment
  • Use industry development tools including Eclipse, Git, Android Studio and more
  • Manage ICT projects
  • Apply industry testing technique
  • Understand copyright, ethics and privacy in ICT

Career Options

Entry level roles relevant to this qualification include:

  • App Developer
  • Software Developer
  • ICT Project Manager

This course has been entirely designed and written by industry and academic experts including Rebecca England, formerly an IT lecturer and course developer at Charles Darwin University; Tyson Adams from Squiz Labs; and Shaneal Sharma of Phone App World and Houseroo fame.

This qualification contains 16 units of competency, made up of 10 core units (c) and 6 elective units (e) chosen in consultation with industry. The units are delivered in three stages.

Unit of CompetencyUnit of Competency Code
Stage 1 
Apply intermediate programming skills in another language (c)ICTPRG418
Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills (c)ICTPRG527
Apply testing techniques for software development (c)ICTPRG529
Manage a project using software management tools (c)ICTPRG502
Stage 2 
Manage ICT Projects (e)ICTPMG501
Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment (c)ICTICT418
Apply software development methodologies (e)ICTICT403
Validate an application design against specifications (c)ICTPRG520
Apply advanced programming skills in another language (c)ICTPRG523
Stage 3 
Apply advanced object-oriented language skills (c)ICTPRG532
Build advanced user interface (e)ICTPRG505
Implement security for applications (e)ICTPRG507
Develop advanced mobile multi-touch applications (e)ICTPRG601
Deploy an application to a production environment (c)ICTPRG504
Debug and monitor applications (c)ICTPRG503
Design digital applications (e)CUADIG502

NB – the following units as a Statement of Attainment if this qualification is not fully completed and marked as competent:

  • CUADIG502 – Design digital applications.

This unit will only be issued as part of the full qualification ICT50718 Diploma of Software Development – Mobile Applications Android.

This qualification is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

For training package details CLICK HERE.

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. However, it is recommended you have strong competence in the use of computers and the internet.

You are permitted up to 12 months full-time or 18 months part-time to complete the course.

Your actual completion time may be less depending on your existing experience and the time you are able to commit to your study.

Extensions can be requested if required, but are subject to conditions and fees as detailed in the Extension policy.

The Tuition Fee is AUD $6,000 (GST exempt).

The following payment options are available:

Option 1: Payment plan of $1,500 per month for four months. Total investment = $6,000.

Option 2: Payment plan of $510 per month for 12 months. This option has a $10 per payment admin fee so the total investment = $6,120 (includes $10.90 GST)

Option One is recommended for students who expect to complete more rapidly than the allowed duration, as course access is progressively opened up in line with tuition payments received.

Payments are via direct debit from your nominated bank account or credit card. For details please refer to the Payment Plan Application.

Additional charges may apply for variations during the enrolment. Refer to the Fee Schedule for further details.

If you have existing relevant skills you may be able to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This may allow you to gain credit for some units in the course, reducing the amount of assessment required and/or potentially lowering the course cost.

If you believe you are eligible for RPL please forward a detailed resume. A trainer will then contact you to determine which units you may be able to apply for, what evidence will be required, and what the amended tuition fee will be.

If you are able to RPL the entire qualification the course fee will reduce to $3,000. There will be additional charges if gap training is required.

You must have access to a computer that meets the following minimum specifications:


Operating System:  Windows 8 / 10 / Vista


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800


Operating System:  Mac OS X 10.8.5 or higher, up to 10.9 (Mavericks)


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800


Operating System:

  • GNOME or KDE desktop
  • GNU C Library (glibc) 2.15 or later


  • Min 4GB RAM, (8GB recommended)
  • 1.4GB of Hard Disk space
  • Screen with min resolution of 1280 x 800

Unless you definitely have access to a suitable computer and internet for the duration of the course, please do not enrol. 

The enrolment process is easy. You can enrol either by:

  • Phone 1300 184 007 and speak to a Course Consultant

You will be required to provide completed documentation and Identification and commence Tuition payments, in order to finalise your enrolment. Depending on your circumstances you may also be required to supply copies of previous qualifications, Year 12 Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, or complete a Core Skills assessment to ensure the course is suitable for you.

Enroll By Phone

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Diploma Courses

1300 184 007

Monday to Friday


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