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Eightfold Institute of Australia provides services across Melbourne providing the professional resume advice that today’s competitve job market requires. A well-crafted resume is crucial for anyone looking to further their career or find that dream job, not just because there is so much competition, but because the job market itself has changed in recent years. Understanding how to create an effective resume today means understanding just how recruitment works, and with combined decades of experience along with a track record of success, we can provide just that. 

Your resume matters

Today, a resume has to be effective in two distinct situations, it has to impress potential employers, sell your skills and value as a potential part of their team, but increasingly, it also has to be effective in dealing with computer algorithms to get you as far as the employer in the first place. With automated analysis increasingly used as the first screening process for sorting through resumes, it takes a deep understanding of the process to create effective, attractive resumes that get you to that first interview. 

Our promise to you

♣ We have the skills and knowledge to deliver real results

♣ Every member of the team is dedicated to providing the finest service possible

♣ Our resumes are crafted to work with computer algorithms used for screening

♣ We also ensure that they stand out to employers in person

♣ Our service delivers beyond the resume, with preparation for that first interview

♣ Qualified HR experts or industry specialists give you the interview knowledge you need

♣ Confident and well-prepared candidates are more successful

♣ With Eightfold professional resumes, your dream job is never far away 

The Eightfold difference

♣ Professional service that delivers effective, comprehensive resumes

♣ We have the recruitment knowledge to ensure you stand out in a competitive market

♣ We help you throughout the process, from the resume itself to advice on dealing with interviews

♣ Cost effective and fast, we get your resume out there so you can find that dream job quicker

For further details or to arrange your highly effective, professional resume, please get in touch today.

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