Interview Preparation

Getting an interview is only halfway to your dream job

For many of us, when looking for new employment, the tendency is to focus solely on ‘the chase’, crafting the perfect resume and LinkedIn profile, making contact with recruiters, applying for the positions and waiting for the responses. All are important of course, but how many of us think about the next step, the interview? This can be especially important if this is your first time in employment interviews post-graduation.
If you have no plan for an interview, then it won’t matter how successful your resume or LinkedIn profile is, you have to shine in interviews once you get that far to actually be in with a chance of securing that job, but in the stress and excitement of the job hunt, it is very easy to forget that.

The Eightfold difference

Our mock interview sessions are designed to prepare you for the interview environment, how to respond, how to deal with the pressure, what questions to ask and so on, we offer guidance on content and as real an experience as possible to get you used to the situation and calm some of the nerves.

Your interview preparation

♣ We take you through real interview questions, and help you learn how to respond in a cliché free, impactful manner that helps you stand out, and not blend in with the dozen other repetitive, nondescript answers they already heard that day.

♣ While it is impossible to fully recreate the reality of an interview and the pressures it brings, by being well-prepared and understanding how to approach the kind of questions you will be asked, these mock interviews give you the knowledge and skills to approach the real interview with confidence rather than trepidation.

♣ Each Interview session is conducted by a qualified HR professional or industry expert for your field, giving you the invaluable inside information you need to excel.

♣ The one on one simulated interview provides as realistic an experience as possible to prepare you for the real thing. We help in every way, not just with questions and answers, but helping you get used to the pressures of the situation so that you can perform at your best.

♣ After each one on one session, we provide feedback on your performance and guidance on improving and fine-tuning your interview technique.

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