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A Name of Trust in the Industry providing Guidance and Training To Next Generation

Eightfold Institute of Australia(Eightfold) is a nationally recognized Registered Training Organization (RTO Code 22577) focused on ensuring that our students graduate with the IT skills and knowledge to advance their career, or build on their current skills. Our mission is to provide exceptional industry -relevant training that creates real opportunities outcomes for our students.

At Eightfold we pride ourselves on ensuring that you’re learning real skills that will make you more attractive to potential employers when you graduate and start looking for an opportunities.

Eightfold is also dedicated to helping students and recent graduates to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities by providing Professional Development and Internship Programs. We provide you actual industry experience to gain a competitive edge in the job market.

We believe that helping others to fulfil their dreams is the most fulfilling activities we can do, and are extremely proud of our record, ensuring our clients of all kinds secure the positions they desire.

Integrity & Ethics:

We celebrate and promote the universal human values that connect us and treat every person with dignity.

We value people:

We celebrate diversity & change, & respect another person’s point of view.


We’re accountable for our learning and actions.We resolve differences in constructive and non-violent and peaceful ways and make a positive difference in our communities and in the world.


We strive to develop high standards and promote continuous improvement.

Innovation and Flexibility:

We encourage creativity, innovation and risk taking.We are ready to adapt to future trends and needs and challenge the status quo.

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